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Alone Together Pittsburgh

Feb 6, 2021

Week 47 Episode 144: Andre Costello, creator of the ATP Theme, rejoins the show in the form of Tomorrow Club - his latest pandemic induced side project with a hot new release streaming now, 5 MINUTES WITH Natalie Bencivenga featuring Ta'lor Pinkston - who specializes in Self-love Therapy as The Heart Advocate -...

Feb 5, 2021

Week 47 Episode 143: J. Thomas Agnew from BOOM Concepts talks about “King Vs. Queen” - a live Chess Match experience at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art and the Artist in Residency partnership - watch virtually on 2/13, plus we find out WHT K8 8 with Chef Kate Romane and maybe LIL JAGS

Video Versions...

Feb 4, 2021

Week 47 Episode 142: Eric Cohen is DJ Strobe - normal times or COVID times this legendary Pittsburgh producer keeps busy bringing you live sets on Twitch, 20 #1 Billboard Club Hits, and remixes for Madonna, Rihanna and Major Lazer, BUY FRESH BUY LOCAL with Erin Hart from and maybe some LIL’ JAG...

Jan 30, 2021

Week 46 Episode 141: From Very local PIttsburgh and The Slaw podcast - Stephanie Brea on producing live and virtual experiences and what happens next in the world of Pittsburgh culture, 5 MINUTES WITH Natalie Bencivenga featuring the CEO of Literacy Pittsburgh - Carey Harris on how their work enables a path toward...

Jan 29, 2021

Week 46 Episode 140: Historian Rich Condon of Civil War Pittsburgh joins the show to explore PA’s rich contribution to American History and the War that continues to be as relevant today as ever, plus we find out WHT K8 8 with Chef Kate Romane and maybe LIL JAGS

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